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June Meeting Report

We discussed:

Our regret that Citizen’s Care will close the meal service and space across the street from us due to City spending cuts. We are grateful to the (former) staff for their support of the garden and for hosting garden meetings this past winter.

GreenThumb Summer ProgramGuide – we need volunteers to attend these free workshops.

Garden Budget: Current funds to be disbursed for common requests – stakes, labels, hydrant attachment, fertilizer, trash bins and bags, gravel, hose caddy and more.

Rainwater collection plan: Detailed plan needed, please send us your suggestions

Watering attachment – one will be kept in the tool box. Roy continues to water regularly. See Steve’s recent opinion piece on this question in the previous post.

Toolshed construction team formed, to be planned further Sunday

July 5 picnic planning, join us at 2pm, side dishes welcome

Questions? Suggestions? Write to us at: info@harlemgarden.org

Steve amid the tomatoes

growing greens

planting box

Mike's new transplants

first sunflower opens

lilles greet passers-by

admiring the newly organized tool box and planning to keep it that way