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An Urban Gardener’s Testimony 7/17/08

Only by God’s will; can this green ground be spared
I appeal to that Magistrate of Works and Deeds;
The Binding Arbiter of condemnations and salvation.
In and out of slavery: Hands, both Black and White, were guilty.
Subjugation, exploitation, and genocide: crimes of every Race.
Sanctuary; rebellion; martyrdom . The courage to live and die for
Truth: Virtues covered by many different skins: Honor them all.
Memories and histories of abuse and deprivation;
are poor excuses for abusing and depriving others.
Never , a justification ! What’s been done wrong to us;
Was wrong to do, at all. Just; wrong ! So be Right!
Only Sinners resided in the Garden of Eden: no Saints.
Lying excuses; got them expelled from there: Don’t Lie.
Battles for Justice; are lost less; from enemy strength
Than, from popular indifference and the betrayal of allies:
Stand, for the Truth.
On ears deaf to seduction ; hissing serpents, have little sway;
Nor influence over Minds; humbled by the dignity of the afflicted
Who, struggle on, anyway? No deterrence for Hearts; that beat,
To claim the strength, to aid the less endowed: Help as you can.
Be so, My People: and the garden gate will open for you; again.
The Final Call; is to a struggle:
To make, of yourself, a more upright Being.
Your foes, will then be vanquished;
By Power, far greater than your own: Keep the Faith!!
by Steven Kidd

Steve was right

Rock Garden June 2008

Rock Garden June 2008

Check out this text that Steve wrote in August 2008, especially the last sentences where he forecasts this spring in the garden.

Not long ago, one Tuesday afternoon, a young man passing by the Garden fence; paused briefly, and then stated confidently that, he knew that one day the City would come and take the garden away; from those who were tending to it.

This for sure had happened to other community gardeners before, and could happen
to this garden. But; it hadn’t happened over the past three years, or more that the Garden was, effectively, abandoned. So I couldn’t help but consider; just how much enjoyment of the space had been lost, by the community, over that time. And since by all reports it cannot happen for at least another two planting cycles, why waste the time on the speculation of ultimate loss? I really didn’t have time to deal with our naysayer: rushing to get in a late planting of peppers and tomatoes. But fortunately one of the other members addressed his issues with an invitation to come join the garden now. It was great; to have some one else stepping up for the garden!!  I knew that my singular pursuit of greater community participation, had succeeded.

I thought some more about how many people had missed the shaded respite under the fruit trees, because they didn’t believe that space belonged to them?  And why is it that the negative and pessimistic thoughts; like weeds, take root so easily? But, …Oh!!   the Inner Mind answered; “That’s why you need Gardeners!!!”  That Young Man was invited to return and share the joys of our Garden. And You are too!!

One day; I’m told, the Sun will expand and swallow up the Earth. Should Mankind stop striving to make life on Earth better?  And if One lives long enough you will lose many of
those you Love.  And many who Love you will lose you.  Is that any justification to not Love?

There is a Biblical saying,…better to light one candle; than curse the darkness.

In this neighborhood it is too late to live in paralyzed fear of displacement or rejection. It is time to take heart, make alliances, and start to build the landscape that will make our neighborhood more enjoyable tomorrow.

It was obvious to me; upon reflection, that the Young Man…could not hear the echoes in the winds; that an older Harlemite like I can still recall   DO FOR SELFAgitate, Educate, Organize!!!   Rise up You Mighty Nation!!.    Keep the Faith, Baby. How many prophets of Progress does a Community need to exorcise the Demons of
of Self Doubt?

We, who believe; will soon be breaking ground to prepare for an Explosion of Color ; here, next Spring. We will join us to prove:  Diversity Grows.

Southwest corner summer 2008

This large garden space has lots of potential.carrie mccracken southwest aug 08

Max and Sage successful in first season 2008

What are their secrets? They start plants indoors first. Their sign is a reinvention of a headboard with a fantastic paint job.Sept 08 max and sage

Max and Sage get things started in 2008

max sage pioneers 08

Brother and sister team Max and Sage were pioneers in the garden and planted a wide variety of edibles quickly. They also made the best sign!