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Summer Harvest Pics


Garden Birthday Party. Thanks Ivy for hosting!

It was a great day in the garden, kids playing, neighbors chatting under the shade of our mulberry tree and shelter.  Oh and did we mention the birthday cake? Ivy, out did herself.  Thank you.

CMTCG Members head to Corbin Hill Farms!

CMTCG members at Corbin Hill Road Farm Tour on Saturday ( 8/18) included Anthony, Bisi, Ivy, Gamilah, Yvonne, Steve. Bus and Bokashi Master Carey King, who works for Corbin Hill got us there timely, and safely. Talk with these members for more details. And let Steve know if you are interested in upcoming farm tours.Getting out of your own clamshell is a good way to get to know both, fellow gardeners and other opportunities. 

Gardeners are voters.


Garden members attend the Pre Primary event at Chocolat.


NYC Community Garden Coalition Meeting this Thursday

Our garden is a member of the NYCCommunity Garden Coalition.  We will be hosting the NYCCGC Meeting on  Thursday July 19th for the monthly meeting from 6:30p.m.-8:30p.m. in the garden.

With this event the garden will host the meeting; provide refreshments, and invite local gardens to send representatives; so the coalition can get feedback from the people it represents to public officials.

The work and support of the Coalition was a big factor in the transfer of our garden from HPD to Parks ; thus further protecting it from predatory development.

Let Steve know or email me (Eren) if you want to help out, with set up and/or clean up or if you can put your culinary skills to task!

Mobile Kitchen Cart comes to garden – Today!

Tuesday June 19th from 6:00pm – 8:00pm
From their garden to our garden an international green exchange.
They are making their rounds of New York City Gardens and showing off some of their Germanic culinary skills!
Come by and:
essen Sie gut!
sieh Sie im Garten…
(was that right Andrea- lol). Kudos to  Michelle who reached out to this group and we can now get an idea of what some other urban gardeners are like across the Atlantic.
Per Schumann and Malte Zacharias’ mobile-kitchen-cart in conjunction with Rob Carter’s Faith in A Seed.

Pablo Sunflower Planting – Saturday, June 23rd at 1p.m.

Attention:  All gardeners, garden supporters, organizations, and neighbors
Greetings and Salutations;
On behalf of Carrie McCracken TRUCE Garden (CMTG)and Street Squash  it is with respect and regards that we invite you all to our third annual event occurring on Saturday,  June 23th, 2012 at 1p.m being held at our garden on 117th Street and St. Nicholas Ave. The rain date will be June 30th.
The agenda is to have the children in your garden or organization plant sunflowers in your neighborhood garden or green space. We are searching for citywide collaboration for this initiative, which will be a yearly event that will eventually occur throughout the summer months. The  sunflower tab will have further information regarding this endeavor (click on Pablo David tab).
This event is in commemoration of an extraordinary young man who was one of our shining examples of what it means to be a good citizen, leader and someone every parent would be proud of.  His name was Pablo David. CMTG is located next door to T.R.U.C.E., an extension program of HCZ of which Pablo was a member and we thank his mentor, Laura Viral who has been a tremendous source of information.
We hope that your schedules permit you or your representative to attend.  Everyone is welcome as we celebrate not only Pablo and his Garifuna culture; we also celebrate our youth, by encouraging parents, children, and the neighborhoods to come together in collaboration to plant seeds that will symbolize the future of a community that cares.
Please RSVP to
We look forward to seeing you there!

NY1 story on urban farm in Harlem

St Mary’s on West 126th Street started a farm. Read more at:

Heritage Rose News: Upcoming Events

Our garden participated in a heritage rose planting. We share this update on the program:

I hope that you are enjoying the beginning of spring.  I wanted to let you know about some of the exciting events going on in the HeritageRoseDistrict this season, and particularly this weekend.  We are very lucky to have Dr. Malcolm Manners and 11 of his students fly up from Florida Southern University this Friday! We can thank Dr. Manners and his students for many of the hundreds of roses that grace your community gardens, parks, and cultural institutions. The group arrives Friday morning, and is going straight from the airport to plant roses at Hamilton Grange.  Saturday morning the students will be facilitating a workshop at Broadway Community Housing for residents and a local Girl Scout troop on how to propagate roses from rose cuttings. It is a very busy weekend, but I have attached a schedule for anyone who was interested in participating.


In addition, we are happy to announce a new partnership with the High School for Environmental Studies. Not only are several students interested in the District and will be joining us in this weekend’s activities, but an AP Biology class is planning on studying the DNA of Heritage Roses! In addition, the high school includes a large roof garden (and greenhouse) where Heritage Roses can be grown. 



Saturday, May 5th we will be adding new sites to the district. Recommendations for new sites are welcome. 


Saturday, June 9th we are very excited to welcome the Graff family to New YorkJacob Graff is the high school student who has been developing the HeritageRoseDistrict mobile walking tour for your smart phone.  In June we welcome Jacob, his family, and the Borough President to celebrate the district. Please stay tuned for more information.   


I will be checking in with all of our existing sites shortly, but wanted to note that Stephen has worked very hard to develop a maintenance guide for our heritage roses to ensure that they thrive. As you know, heritage roses are different from other roses, and often do not require pruning.  Please take a moment to look at the guide (attached), and feel free to reach out with any questions.    



If you don’t already, please follow us on twitter @HeritageRoseNYC and via our facebook page:  




Erika Lindsey

Urban Planner

Office of Manhattan Borough President Scott M. Stringer